Updated: 03/06/17 : 05:11:01
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Heroic Sligo Gardaí rescue man from burning house

TWO gardaí have been hailed as heroes after they rescued a man from a burning house in Sligo.

Garda Tom O’Griofa and Garda David Hannon found the property in Drumcliffe on fire just after 8pm on Thursday night.

The officers climbed searched the building and found an elderly male occupant who they successfully rescued. The man was extremely disoriented and could not say whether he was the only occupant.

Independent.ie reports that as the flames spread through the house, Garda O’Griofa and Garda Hannon decided to climb back inside in order to ensure that nobody had been left behind.

Chief Superintendent Michael Clancy praised the two officers for their courage.

"I personally commended the two Garda members on their courage and heroism and a life has being saved as a result of their brave action,” he said.

Speaking to Independent.ie, the Garda Representative Association (GRA) representative for the Sligo Leitrim Division Garda Ray Wims said he hopes the officer’s efforts illustrate the work conducted by members of the force.

"It amazes how the members of An Garda Siochana will do whatever it takes to protect and serve our community,” Garda Wims said.

“I am privileged to represent those who put their own lives and personal safety at risk to protect others, like Garda Tom O'Griofa and Garda David Hannon who put their own life in danger to save the life of a man they did not even know.

As a representative of members on the front line, I hope the people in Dublin in various departments listen  and  see this example of the work we do, when they are determining what the Guards are entitled to.”