Updated: 09/06/17 : 06:05:26
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From 'India to Ithaca' launch

Paula Lahiff book launch 'From India to Ithaca'

Paula Lahiff is launching her book From India to Ithaca, a selection of poems about her life, mirroring Odysseus’s journey back to Ithaca in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

The book gives a wonderful insight into the good, the bad and the struggle of her life with Polio and its after-effects, and how her family, her friends and her sense of humour have helped her through.

Her poetry is very dark in some places, very funny in others and will have your emotions in turmoil as you accompany ‘this woman of experience, a wise woman, as she strides out on the road to Ithaca.’

From India to Ithaca is being launched on Yeats Birthday 13th June in the Yeats Memorial Building at 1.00pm. All are welcome.

The Yeats Society
Yeats Memorial Building
Hyde Bridge