Updated: 21/06/17 : 08:45:03
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Irish gas and electricity prices could rise with Brexit

Irish people could end up paying more for their gas and electricity if the UK leaves the EU Internal Energy market.

Research published today by the ERSI re-evaluates Irish energy policy in light of Brexit, and makes recommendations for policymakers.

The energy systems of Ireland and the UK are closely linked, with Ireland's gas and electricity systems currently exclusively connected to Great Britain.

Doctor Muireann Lynch, research officer with the ERSI, says price hikes could be on the cards for Irish consumers.

"That all depends on whether or not Britain continues to be a member of the European energy market," she said.

"Now, it won't necessarily defiantly leave the energy market - Switzerland is partially integrated and Norway is fully integrated and neither of those countries, obviously, are EU member states.

"It's in nobody's interests for Britain to completely leave the European energy market, but we still need to be prepared for the eventuality."

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is holding their inaugural national deep retrofit conference today.

It is the first of its kind to be held in Ireland, and the organisation says it marks a first step in the journey 'towards zero' for energy efficiency in homes.

The conference takes place at the Aviva Stadium with Communications Minister, Denis Naughten, among the attendees.