Updated: 23/06/17 : 06:46:23
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Milk producers urged to complete NMA survey

IFA National Liquid Milk Committee Chairman John Finn has urged all liquid milk producers to be sure to fill in and send back promptly the survey they have received in the post in recent days from the National Milk Agency.

“This survey is very important: it was sought by IFA as part of our Milk Wise 2025 strategy to sustain specialist fresh milk producers, and is being carried out by the National Milk Agency to help establish a clear picture of farmers’ age profile, succession plans and intentions with regards to their continuation in liquid milk production,” Mr Finn said.

“It is essential that all liquid milk producers, who have received the one-page survey in the post in recent days, would fill it in factually and thoroughly, and would send it back to the National Milk Agency without delay,” he added.

“The results of the survey will help better define the actions needed to help secure year-round, long-term supplies of fresh milk of high quality, produced locally, for Irish consumers. In the context of Brexit, and of the pull away from year-round production caused by the high costs of winter production and spring milk expansion opportunities, it is really important that all liquid milk producers would take it upon themselves to input into this crucial survey,” John Finn concluded.