Updated: 27/06/17 : 05:20:00
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Arlene brings home the bacon 'n' bonus

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

THE WOMAN in the next constituency has landed half a billion new money for Ireland for each of the next two years.

In the same period there will be as much money again to 'divvy.'

We have blazed our brightest bonfires with much less to celebrate. 

Yesterday, on TV and radio you already got to hear the awakened voice of the whinger. Loud and clear. 

Wisely, Gerry Adams has reserved reaction just yet on Arlene Foster's achievements yesterday. 

Gregory Deal

We have been here before in Ireland, many times.

The Gregory Deal was a multi million agreement which returned Charles Haughey to power 35 years ago.

The hysteria of the national media at the time was much like some of what we saw and heard yesterday.

Same Deal

The Gregory Deal saved the centre of our capital city from being the biggest slum in Europe.

Tony Gregory offered to negotiate the same deal with Fine Gael at the time.

It had neither the skills, nor the contacts, nor the will to do the right thing.

Knock Airport

To a lesser extent the same debate took place around whether or not Knock Airport, as known then, should be funded.

The journalists and the newspapers and the politicians of that era are nearly all gone....but Knock is still here, thriving infrastructure. 

Albert Reynolds met the same media whinge-fest when he suggested he would bring back, was it seven billion, structural funds to Ireland from Europe.

Arlene Foster and her team of negotiators now joins that esteemed fraternity of the hanged.

She will hardly cave in under the weight of worry at what whingers will have to say next.

The opportunity was always there -- and was taken yesterday -- to do a deal for Ireland. 

Back in early June Sligo Today suggested that a 'confidence and supply' agreement was the best framework in which to deliver. See link below.

That is now in place. Now the real challenge is to shape 'Brexit' to the advantage of Ireland.

Unlike last month we now have a direct input for the next two (vital) years into 'shaping' that referendum vote and its outcome.