Updated: 27/06/17 : 07:30:16
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CAO College Information Session at IT Sligo

As the CAO Change Of Mind deadline of July 1st approaches on Saturday at 5:15pm, IT Sligo has organised a series of campus events and online resources, designed to help prospective students make an informed choice about their next education step.

College Information Session
IT Sligo invites prospective students and parents/guardians to a College Information Session this Wednesday, June 28th, from 5-8pm. The event will take place in the Institute’s main building and is open to secondary school students, mature students and parents/guardians. It will equip you with the key IT Sligo information on booking acccommodation, fees, grants, careers, scholarships, clubs/societies, and making the transition from secondary school to college.

Daily Campus Tours
IT Sligo is running weekday campus tours all this week until Friday, June 30th. They are ideal for students and their families who are considering a course at the Institute, or who would like to see the campus, explore the facilities and find out more about their chosen course areas. They begin daily at 11:30am from the Institute’s main reception.

CAO Helpline

If you have a question about your IT Sligo choices on your Change-of-mind form, you can call IT Sligo’s admissions team on 0719318510 or email admissions@itsligo.ie. You can also send a private message using Facebook Messenger with all your CAO queries.

Snapchat Q&A
Add ‘IT Sligo‘ on Snapchat and send us your questions.

If you are filling in your CAO Change Of Mind form, here are five things to remember:

Tip 1: Get the order right
Choose courses in your genuine order of preference, based on your own career aspirations Jot the answers to the following questions down: What area would you like to work in? Do you like working with people, outdoors/indoors? What is your favourite Leaving Cert subject? What are your strengths and areas for improvement?

Tip 2: Don’t guess what points you will get

Place your courses in order of preference on the form. Picture the CAO form as your wish list. Never list your choices in points order. Points levels change from year to year due to supply and demand for places. Bear in mind that a course’s points level is not necessarily an accurate reflection of its quality.

Tip 3: Do your research
It is vital that you understand the course content in your selected course. Examine the subjects/modules you’ll actually be studying. Too often, students select a course which looks appealing on paper – only to find the course material is very different to what they had originally imagined.

Tip 4: Talk it over

Consult with the key adults in your life – your parents/guardians or guidance counsellor. If school has finished, it is likely that your career guidance teacher will be happy to meet you or to discuss your choices over the phone.

Tip 5: Double check your work

Ensure everything you put down on your form correct – and that there are no mistakes. Remember, you can change your CAO form as many times as needed but only up until this Saturday, July 1st, at 5:15pm. After this date, no more changes can be made.