Updated: 29/06/17 : 04:17:43
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Blueshirts go for ball-juggling and jugular

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

RICHARD NIXON on his good days had a simple philosophy, copied by politicians worldwide including his critics.

Tricky Dicky believed that ''Get them by the goolies and their hearts and minds soon follow.''

The Blueshirts have discovered that if you (half) bake that philosophy for an extra hour in the oven it, well, becomes Something Else.

Such as ''Get them by the goodies and their hearts and minds soon follow.''

The goodies. Such as the promise before summer of tax cuts to come in a winter budget which hasn't even been discussed yet.

That's reserved, but only for the class that 'pays for everything.'

The goodies. Such as feckin' all those Catholic frocks out of schools and saying 'thank you for covering our failures to provide education this past century.'

That attitude shows some respect alright for, say, ethos -- as undertaken by this State. It is wide open to challenge.

The goodies. Such as Jo Public will 'pay by weight' for rubbish from this Saturday onwards.

Eh, I'll read that again, as a famous RTÉ newscaster used to say.

'Pay by weight' is a goodie brought to you by the Blueshirts and their buddies.

Their theory is that such a move is guaranteed to ensure more AND better recycling. 

Saved Planet

Donald Trump will be back on the blower to Leo again any day soon, all the better to know how the Irish saved the planet with its latest rubbish policies. 

In reality, it's another coded message from the Blueshirts to Those People who, eh, 'pay for everything.'

That class that, in The Eyes of Leo,  'pays for everything' will be happy to learn that other shamrock-togged sherpa will now carry the burden too.

The purchase of private homes by the class that 'pays for everything' was richly subsidised for decades by this State.

Professional classes, including medics, sometimes had their superior education, sometimes abroad, part funded by this State.

By which mechanism is such generous largesse repaid, huh? Pay for everything?

Bummed, Blowed

Earlier this year the Blueshirts bummed and blowed about its €5 a week rise for Those Who Don't Always Get Up Early, namely pensioners.

In some cases, some genii were engaged to shave cents off that weekly rise before it was paid at all. Leo's Loll