Updated: 30/06/17 : 05:31:11
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Household waste collection charges hike to impact on low income Sligo families

The planned increase in household waste collection charges will see increases of hundreds of euros in household bills leading to unacceptable pressure on low income families. That’s according to Sligo Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Healy who is calling for the scrapping of the new pay by weight waste collection scheme.

The increases are scheduled to come into operation in September.

“This new waste collection regime will see a disproportionate impact on the bills paid by low income families, families with a large number of young children and households with ill or disabled family members. The abolition of the flat rate charge will lead to huge unfairness in the system and cannot, by itself, increase recycling and reduce pressure on landfill,” stated Councillor Healy.

“I have huge concerns with this new scheme, it is a further descent into privatisation of what should be a public service. We have no idea what the new cost will be as waste disposal companies can charge whatever they see fit and we all know that there is very limited completion in Sligo.”

“We urgently need to reduce waste certainly and increase recycling, the amount of packaging produced by industry is not the fault of households but they are left with it. In the short term the government could issue a composter to every household, provide free recycling depots and provide a hazardous waste recycling depot for Sligo town.”

“I feel however that the recycling issue is only a cover for further privatisation and profiteering by companies for an essential service. The €75 waiver for households with ill adults is only tokenistic as we do not know what the increased cost will be. 

"There really needs to be a full waiver for all households disproportionately affected by these increased charges as the Government never took into account the ability to pay. This new waste disposal scheme is not fit for purpose and shows that the Government did not listen to the large amount of submissions from the public on this issue.

"I welcome the delay in the implementation of this scheme until September in response to pressure from Sinn Féin and Fianna Fail. This is only playing delay games, we will be voting against these unfair measures in the Dáil and I hope that Fianna Fail will support us in this action.”