Updated: 04/07/17 : 06:12:15
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Sligo role not clarified on death grant

SLIGO AWAITS confirmation that it will again administer the bereavement grant.

Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald failed to say in the Dail last week whether Sligo will handle the grant when it is restored.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar published a document on May 22nd last ''in which he committed to the restoration of the bereavement grant,'' Sligo TD Marc MacSharry said this week.

Older People

MacSharry also recalled that ''references to increased State support for older people is made on page 82 of the Programme for Government.''

But in the Dáil last week he expressed a number of concerns. These include:-

*** The transfer of 35 jobs from Sligo back to Dublin in the information section of the Department -- a decision made by Leo Varadkar as Minister, he said.

Added MacShary:  ''I ask the Tánaiste when will the bereavement grant be restored in line with the pre-election commitment of the Taoiseach? 

''What stage is this commitment at? When will the grant be restored? Are staff being recruited for the Sligo office to administer this plan as it was before?

No Doubt

In reply, Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald said ''I have no doubt that this will be considered in the context of the budget.''

She also praised Senator Marie-Louise O'Donnell's recently published ''comprehensive study'' on the issues relating to bereavement.

The bereavement support grant was abolished by the government earlier this decade in the austerity era. 

It offered assistance to families re funeral and related expenses.