Updated: 05/07/17 : 03:59:42
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Varadkar socks show-off stinker because.....

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

LEO VARADKAR ignored a peaceful protest outside his workplace yesterday, Tuesday.

There were no 'fours' or 'sixes' or 'sevens' in this peaceful protest. There were many more there than that, quiet heroes.

He had been invited by the woman who organised the others to come along to come out and meet them all. 

Own Words

Two things could/should have tempted Varadkar to take that one small step. 

1. The people outside were mostly from Waterford, where he has family connections.

2. The woman outside the Dáil had a bereavement recently and he could have showed the common touch, offered sympathy.

Newstalk presenter Sarah McInerney let the woman, Catherine Power, tell her own story in her own words.

Varadkar should have been first out to hear that story, first hand. But he was ''too busy.''

What about that time wasted yesterday showing his gaudy socks to the Canadian Prime Minister, a teenage-type schoolgoers jape. 

Mind you, that is Varadkar's better option for an explanation for why he was ''too busy'' yesterday.

Inside the Dáil he was asked about that one death the many outside his workplace were protesting about.

His Dáil answer was that of a true technocrat -- functional and correct BUT mainly lacking any personal, common or human touch.

In his Dáil reply, Varadkar couldn't resist a schoolboy snarl at Michael Martin, too.

If the newest Taoiseach keeps this up, he will NOT be for keeping. Surely his instincts are sharper than this?

The Canadian Taoiseach, Trudeau, is passing through with his young family on a European visit and onwards to a Euro summit. 

He is returning a visit we made early this year; political pleasantries and all that. 

In Israel, the word for 'greetings' and 'goodbye' is the same. Maybe we need more of that here in Ireland and we'd have more time to hear Peoples Serious Concerns.

The Taoiseach was 'too busy' to talk to Catherine Power outside Dáil Eireann yesterday as she held a photo of her brother Tom who died en route to the Cork cath lab

Pregnant Wife

Back to the woman's bereavement: Her brother died a fortnight ago. In the back of an ambulance. 

On the side of the road. Alone, away from all his family, including his pregnant wife.

This Wednesday Mr Varadkar, as taxpayer-funded Taoiseach, should maybe contact that Waterford woman who came to see him yesterday.

That's certainly his duty: The women and men in yesterday's peaceful protest got up early, the people he says he represents. 

But yesterday he was ''too busy.'' Too busy to hear from the woman who died on the side of the road that there are 18 catheter laboratories in Dublin and only one in her city. 

It's the same story in Sligo and the exact same story anywhere outside The Pale, beyond Lucan.

The issue here is about paying tax: Why are taxpayers in Dublin more privileged and elite than in Waterford, or Sligo. Why is there not equity.

That's what the woman wanted to tell the 'busy' Taoiseach yesterday.

He should maybe feel shamed -- yes, shamed -- when/if he listens to a playback of the woman's narrative of her brother's Life and what his Absence already means.