Updated: 05/07/17 : 04:38:09
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Sligo farmer saves fawn from foxes

Lucky the fawn should be dead. It was nothing but good luck that saw farmer Les Conboy cutting a meadow in Sligo when he came upon the injured fawn.

The drystock farmer was cutting silage on Friday at Ballygawley, west Sligo, when he saw "a wee brown thing moving in the ditch."

Independent.ie reports that he hopped down off his tractor and found the little fawn stuck in sheep wire. "Her leg was caught and she was bleeding and I thought if I let her go the foxes would get her."

So, with a struggle, he managed to get the fawn in the tractor and brought her back to his house where he put her in a barrel he usually uses for tending to sick lambs and called the vet.

"She is only around three weeks old and held her good and tight but there was blood all over the tractor."

Luckily, on examination the vet said there were no broken bones, just damaged tendons and she bandaged up Lucky's leg.

Since then Les has been feeding the fawn with milk replacer, including for two days through a stomach tube, until she got used to her surroundings and Les. Now she's taken to the bottle and is very comfortable with Les and his jack russell Jack.

The plan is to keep her indoors for a few days more at least, until she's back on all four feet and then move her outdoors where she can eat grass.

According to Les she won't be out in the wild for six months as she needs milk and is too young to survive on her own. Meanwhile, Lucky is keeping Les, his nephew Trevor and Jack on their toes!