Updated: 05/07/17 : 13:30:58
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People Before Profit Sligo condemn bin charges hike

Cllr. Gino O’Boyle and Nigel Gallagher of People Before Profit Sligo have condemned the 'corporate trick' to hike up bin charges.

From September, the government plans to allow waste disposal companies to charge by weight. They claim this will increase the use of recycling facilities but the real reason is to increase private profits.

The new charges have not been announced yet but they are only going one way – up. The government compromise with Fianna Fail will not stop the price hikes.

Nigel Gallagher said 'Waste disposal is best achieved through local councils. We favour public collections paid for out of progressive taxation. This would be less costly, more efficient and better for the environment. The government claim that this plan is about ‘incentivising recycling’, however for the last number of years Sligo people have been forced to pay a flat rate for their ‘green bin’ without any intervention from the establishment parties.

'Privatisation has been a disaster. It has meant ever increasing costs, with some companies increasing their charges on an annual basis.

'Last year the government lifted a ban on pay by weight. In response, the companies immediately hiked up their charges.

Speaking on the private bin companies record Cllr. Gino O’Boyle said 'The privatisation of the bins has been a disaster for the environment. Greyhound have been fined at least three times by the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to store waste properly. Oxigen Waste have also been fined many times for cutting corners.

'We were told that private companies are more efficient. This is a lie. Currently there are three bins and two companies in the Sligo Town area. This means multiple trucks coming to pick up waste on a monthly cycle. The Council could do two runs and be more efficient.

'In 2014, Greyhound bin company locked workers out of their jobs for weeks on end. The owners were making profits but they wanted to attack the terms and conditions of their workers. Council staff would have better terms and conditions. This would help workers overall. 

People Before Profit will be holding street meetings in every area to help to organise the resistance. We want a major demonstration called for September that will build on the success of Right2Water.