Updated: 06/07/17 : 05:47:41
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World :: Nordic neo-Nazi group can no longer use name

A German company has won a battle over the use of a name by a Swedish neo-Nazi group after complaining that it could be confused with their brand.

The deep-freeze firm Nordfrost said the use of the label "Nordfront" by the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) could imply a "commercial link" between them.

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) agreed with the claim.

The NRM, seen as the main force in a recent neo-Nazi surge in Sweden, will no longer be able to use the label.

"The brands are phonetically and visually very similar; only one letter separates the brands. Furthermore, there are conceptual similarities between the trademarks where both can be associated with geographic and meteorological conditions," the German firm said in its complaint, according to Swedish website The Local.

"There is, in our opinion, an obvious risk that third parties will mistakenly get the impression that there is a commercial link."

Nordfrost says it is the world's sixth largest company in the deep-freeze sector.