Updated: 07/07/17 : 07:20:12
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Irish Civil Service close to last in international rankings review

The Irish Civil Service has come close to last in an international review of 31 countries.

The 'InCISE' report scores Ireland highly in Human Resource Management and Tax Administration, but low in terms of regulation, risk management, social security administration and openness.

The Social Democrats' Róisín Shortall says we should have learned about the importance of robust regulation, from the economic crash.

She said: "Ireland doesn't do very well, it comes in 25th out of 31, so it's a pretty poor performance.

"It does score well in a number of areas in relation to Human Resource Management, but very badly in areas that are very important I think, in the whole area of regulation.

"And the other areas that the index has drawn attention to is the lack of transparency and openness in the way we do business."