Updated: 10/07/17 : 07:11:43
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Amnesty International condemns Ibrahim Halawa's detention for 1,423 days

Amnesty International says it is disgraceful that Ibrahim Halawa continues to be detained in jail in Egypt.

His trial was yesterday adjourned for another week after lawyers asked for more time to challenge video evidence from the prosecution.

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has spoken by phone with his Egyptian counterpart, again raising Irish Government concern.

Amnesty's Colm O'Gorman says the 21-year-old Irish Citizen has now spent 1,423 days in prison.

"Some of the defence lawyers want to challenge video evidence that's been presented by the prosecution," he said.

"So from Ibrahim Halawa's perspective, this will be incredibly frustrating, because we know that video evidence… identifies only two of the many hundreds of defendants in the case, and in no way identifies or implicates Ibrahim.

"So now that process will have to be resolved before the case can move on to any kind of defence."