Updated: 11/07/17 : 06:47:59
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Fianna Fáil to support Waste Reduction Bill

Fianna Fáil will support the Green Party and Labour over their Waste Reduction Bill.

It comes just days after the party's decision to side with the Government over the controversial bin charges legislation.

The bill, would introduce a deposit refund scheme on plastic bottles and cans, and ban coffee cups that can not be composted.

The party's Environment Spokesperson, Timmy Dooley believes it is the right thing to do.

"We're going to collaborate and support the Bill.

"We all recognise the importance in reducing the amount of throwaway material from fast-food outlets that's having a detrimental impact on our environment and for that reason it is right now that we would signal our attention to end the use of this kind of material that's not biodegradable over the coming years," he said.

Meanwhile, concerns are being raised about the impact proposed new bin charges will have on struggling families.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul says the Autumn is already a difficult time for many with back-to-school costs and preparing for Christmas.

Head of Social Justice and Policy , Hazel O'Byrne, has said the charges do not take usage into consideration.

"Similarly in relation to the increases in the levy electricity bills, those changes don't actually take account of household usage or charge that's imposed on all households regardless of the level of usage.

"Somebody who is living in a mansion is paying the same amount of PSO levy as somebody who's living in a one bedroom flat," she said.