Updated: 12/07/17 : 05:11:01
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Dustin believes in equality for all...except Sligo

DUSTIN the Turkey claims RTÉ set him up to fail at the Eurovision.

The famous puppet admits he was only winging it when he performed at the song contest in 2008 and failed to reach the finale.

The Den legend said: “When RTÉ came to me and said we’re going to send you off to Eurovision, cos we don’t want to win this thing, here’s ten grand in a brown envelope – I said grand.”

The Irelande Douze Pointe singer added: “Ireland didn’t win it, RTE saved money, all the maddsers phoned Joe Duffy, everyone was happy.

“I was the lead item on Questions and Answers before Pat Kenny put on that Frontline rubbish, that’s how mad the country is.”

Dustin is now eyeing up a stint at hosting RTÉ’s Dancing with the Stars show, but ruled out taking to the dancefloor himself.

He told the Irish Mirror: “I’ve no legs. I wouldn’t be going on making a show of myself. I thought Des Cahill was great on it.

“I thought Hughie was great; he had every minority – he was gay, at one stage he was black, and then he was a Traveller. He was brilliant.”

The former Den star weighed into the election of Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach.

He said: “I think it’s brilliant that we do have a Taoiseach who is gay but it’s a pity it’s him – I would have put Al Porter in for the craic.”

The turkey puppet believes in equality for all, except for people from Sligo.

He said “I think equality is the way it is – besides if you’re from Sligo then you shouldn’t have any rights – black, white, Catholic, Muslim, poultry, who cares, I think we should all get on.”