Updated: 12/07/17 : 08:27:46
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Takeaway coffee cups ban passes first stage legislation overnight

The Waste Reduction Bill banning single-use coffee cups has passed it's second stage in the Dáil overnight.

The Bill, put forward by the Green Party and Labour, would introduce a Deposit Refund Scheme on bottles and cans, and a ban on coffee cups that can not be composted.

But the Environment Minister has asked his colleagues to freeze the plans put forward by Labour and the Greens.

A vote on whether to do so is due on Thursday.

Denis Naughten has said the bill which also includes a deposit/return scheme for drinks containers could be massively expensive to set up.

"A study investigating the possible introduction in the UK puts a figure of €790m per year on it," he said.

"These are enormous amounts, I believe before we spend a fraction of this on its introduction, we need to ascertain what the benefits would be."

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan is delighted the bill passed.

"It's been a really good night for the Dáil. It was unusual, it was a Green Party Bill presented by Labour in their time and the Governemnt aren't stopping it," he said.