Updated: 14/07/17 : 05:34:35
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RTÉ telly ignore concerns raised by MacSharry

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

RTE TELLY told us at six thereabouts last night that TDs felt Public Accounts colleagues should stay silent on some questions to the Garda Commissioner.

Colleagues on another Committee were cross that she was being asked (non finance) questions, RTÉ telly told us.

Thing is, RTÉ telly at six gave NO coverage at all to Marc MacSharry.

Hours earlier MacSharry had asked Noirin OSullivan a series of questions related to finance.

This viewer would have preferred to see these -- and make up his own mind -- rather than RTEs latest (lengthy) guff-fest about Donald Trump.

By nine thereabouts RTÉ had somewhat shifted emphasis -- for the better, too -- on its guff-fest.

Best Ever

But still we got NO sense at nine of MacSharry yesterday, although RTÉ telly should have been watching out for him.

Why? His most recent performance at the Public Accounts Committee with Noirin O'Sullivan was his best ever in public life.

Sounded Reasonable

Yesterday, MacSharry pointed to some pertinent massive increases in Garda spending on PR-related activities. 

The Commissioner's explanation to MacSharry sounded reasonable in some parts.....but we never got to hear any of that on RTÉ telly.

RTÉ telly last night felt we needed to know that some questions to the Commissioner (maybe) didn't belong to Public Accounts.

Profound Wisdom

Even Leo Varadkar had an opinion on the topic for RTÉ telly by nine.

Watching that slot reminded me of Peter Sellers playing the character Chance The Gardiner in ''Being There.''

The simplicities spoken by Sellers got mistaken for profound wisdom and, guess what, he got elected to high political office. Read the book.

Whatever about Noirin O'Sullivan's expanded PR spend, somebody in PR maybe should advise Leo over the summer that -- hey, guess what -- Less is More.

 Meanwhile, RTÉ telly itself is a walking contradiction; it never showed us, or told us, of the concerns on spending from the Public Purse raised by MacSharry yesterday.

Nightly, RTÉ gives an impression that it thinks it's the BBC at London level. 

On Trump, the BBC itself this week went to Nebraska and presented us a first-hand insight into his electors and their thoughts.

Sligo Roots

RTÉ's more apt thumb-mark for 2017 would be to compare itself with BBC Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, I'd like RTÉ to show how often in the past six months it ever flagged up the Sligo roots of Mike Pence.

Why? After all, if you believe RTÉ, Trump might be a goner and so Pence might become US President before the next bowl of shamrock.

RTÉ itself needs to be more robustly questioned about its own spending from the Public Purse. So far, it's 'close but no cigar.'