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Climate change charade just that.....a charade

By Eugene McGloin

TWELVE JETS roared above or near Sligo town in the space of little over an hour yesterday afternoon, Wednesday.

Few of the flights originated in this country -- they came from places with as little in common with us as Cologne and Manchester.

Their destinations were North America and Canada; New York, Orlando and Montreal.     .

But we also do Dubai and Doha, Düsseldorf and downtown Havana and Paris via Sligo at regular intervals.

Jets' Jaunts

All of that detail -- and much more -- can be learned through the excellent app Plane Finder.

For added info you can also tune in airport traffic control live in many parts of the globe on the Independent website liveATC.net

However, neither web nor app totals how big or how small the carbon footprint above or near Sligo is as a result of these daily and nightly jaunts by jets.

At a guess, and only that, the footprint is (hopefully) smaller per plane than the gas guzzlers we see every day, every year and cutting corners in more senses than one.

Every lunchtime and every evening of the year I usually use public transport to get about Sligo town. 

The most usual reason services slip behind schedule is traffic volume at teatime and lunchtime.

Waiting on buses what do I see: Lots and lots of cars with sole occupants.

If we were serious we would have (cash) incentives to pool car travel. 

Public servants already have incentives to switch to bicycles.

That policy has a limited attraction outside the main cities and towns.

What we need are some sensible incentives, which cut the clogging AND could/would make a real, significant and immediate impact on climate change.

Car Pooling

Only yesterday the insurance industry gave a thumbs-up to proposed car pooling by rural pub users at night.

Yet in too few cities and towns have we ANY similar proposals for daytime.

Huh? We can and will pool to go to the pub but no, no, no when it comes to making a (more) meaningful impact on our climate. 

Yesterday, we had pronouncements both sides of the Irish Sea on proposals to deal with motoring vis a vis tackling climate change. 

BBC Northern Ireland managed to bring a better context than RTÉ to some of this bullshoot, better as in more rooted in reality.

Reality? Our culture is driven by consumerism and most of that 'driving' is done in gas guzzlers.

We simply must have one -- (thinks) oh yeah, this 'climate change' thing; won't happen in my lifetime and anyway can do little about. Anyway the car is a must. Everywhere.

Too readily and without too much thinking on their part banks and credit unions 'soft lending' policies contribute systematically, too, to our climate change crux.

Will those institutions now be part of the solution? Will they wish to be? 

Will they be part should the government insist that they play/pay their part in tackling the climate change teaser. 

Even better, maybe those banks and credit union might come up with their own innovations and incentives.

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