Updated: 27/07/17 : 11:08:03
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Speed van company paid €1.2m per month

Newly released figures show that country's speed van operator GoSafe was paid €1.2m per month.

The company is contracted to provide 7,000 hours of monitoring each month with a fee of €151 per hour - it also receives a retainer of €45,000 each month.

The vans were brought in to help bring down the number of fatalities on our roads. Their contract expired in May.

Conor Faughnan of the AA said that he is not surprised by the revelations.

"The thing about GoSafe is that they are a tool in the hands of the gardaν, and like speed detection equipment in the palm of a garda's hand, that's all they do - they go where the guards tell them," he said.

Sligo comes 10th in the country in a list of counties where speeding motorists pay most in fines.

From 2012 to September last year, those caught going over the limit in County Sligo paid a total of more than €213,000.

In 2014, they included the N59 at Rathglass, Corballa, in County Sligo, from where more than €100,000 was collected.

In 2015, more than €112,000 was paid by speeding motorists on the N17 at Ballinacarrow.