Updated: 27/07/17 : 12:45:57
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World :: Alaska cruise death - FBI arrest suspect

The FBI has arrested a suspect after the death of a woman on a cruise ship.

The 39-year-old from Utah died on Tuesday night after what was described as a domestic dispute on the Emerald Princess in waters off Alas

The US attorney's office says it plans to announce charges at a news conference on Thursday.

The ship was carrying 3,400 passengers and 1,100 crew at the time on a week-long trip that left Seattle on Sunday.

Princess Cruises spokeswoman Negin Kamali declined to provide any other details, including the woman's name, and referred questions to the FBI.

The Emerald Princess was forced to divert to Juneau, on the southern side of the state, on Wednesday because of the investigation.

Several people, including at least one child, were seen being taken off the vessel in separate groups.

Some used hoods or umbrellas to obscure their faces before they were whisked away in vehicles with dark-tinted windows.

Passengers were stuck on board for more than eight hours before they were allowed to disembark and some complained about changes to their schedule and lost excursions.

Suzanne Ragsdale, of Houston, said passengers were only notified over the public address system on Wednesday morning that there had been a death.

The FBI is required to investigate whenever deaths occur in the US or, in some cases, in international waters.