Updated: 31/07/17 : 06:14:39
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Sligo fishing pic stirs admirers on Facebook

A PICTURE is worth a thousand words, a long established maxim.

Pat Rooney has been taking photos for some years showing Sligo in an unusual light. 

Literally, in an unusual light. Facebook admirers ticked the 'like' and 'share' boxes for Pat's latest photo all day yesterday, Sunday.

Selling Tyres

It shows three fishermen casting  their lines in the Garavogue in darkness, lit only by public street lighting.

Pat told one Facebook admirer that the photo was taken at Kennedy Parade, near The Embassy.

Incidentally, the phrase ''a picture is worth a thousand words'' has been attributed to the Japanese.

Well, the Japanese and then attributed to the Chinese.....and by the same man, too.

In the early 1920s Frederick R Barnard, for it was he, was selling tyres (tires) in the United States.

Famed Phrase

His original adverts quoted the words ''One look is worth a thousand words.'' 

To add mystique to his advert he told how the (now) more famed phrase came from those other cultures.

Over the years, an unknown source changed a picture's worth from 1,000 to 10,000 words. 

Meanwhile, you can see Pat Rooney's portfolio of pics on Sligo town on his Facebook page.