Updated: 01/08/17 : 05:34:47
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Varadkar goes green ahead of silly season

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

THE TAOISEACH got in just before the silly season kick-off to tell us that his party would not impose a border here on behalf of Britain.

It may have taken most of one hundred years but Fine Gael has learned that lesson from its own history.....and what followed that decision.

There's one other lesson Fine Gael must learn and then favour us with silence for the remainder of summer anyway. Some hope.

The lesson? When Fine Gael last imposed a British border in Ireland, at British behest, the vote here to approve was squeaky narrow.

FG extracted a maxim then from that exercise and has stood by it by ever since.

Namely, 'approval' even when it is by the narrowest of margins, is 'approval.'

So, maybe Taoiseach Varadkar might, next time, acknowledge the (narrow) win in the UK's 'Brexit' referendum 15 months ago.

It was after all a free vote, unlike that last Border imposed here with its explicit threat of immediate and bloody war if we didn't. 

Fair comparison? Well, you decide, but I've already long made my mind on the core parallels.

The media silly season is officially under way today but last week you got the strong suspicion that Fine Gael will fondle the 'green card' up to the next election.

The focus groups in Fine Gael are unlikely to have shouted 'Stop' either as the party leader publicly puts the boot into Britain.

The boot in Britain and the boot into Britain's 'footprint' in Ireland. That green card gung-ho never cost any party votes here, any time.

It might even be worth a few percentage points to the party and to the purveyor of those sentiments.

''God's curse on you England'' was how we sang much the same sentiment in songs one hundred years ago.

Meanwhile, the silly season lead-in got sillier yesterday when Meehawl Martin, the former future Taoiseach, gave us his ha'pence worth on the Grand Coalition.

The party that banjaxed the country wants to wed the party that sez it had to sort the mess they left behind (Clue: It was the people wot sorted it out). 

Like Sligo Rovers 2017 season, Meehawl Martin has been spending some time in the 'last chance' saloon for the past seven years. 

He knows that, presuming he's still around, he MUST be in power after next election. 

That, or he's relegated. The odds are significantly better on Rovers right now.