Updated: 04/08/17 : 05:15:34
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Belfast beckons our Leo but 'where's the beef'

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

SNOWBALLS ONCE were the order of the day when our Taoiseach travelled North.

Leo Varadkar has no such worries as faced Sean Lemass in his historic meetings over half a century ago with Stormont's Terence O'Neill.

Today and tomorrow our Taoiseach will offer similar message, On Message: ''Our differences make us stronger. Our diversity is our strength.''

Which means what exactly if you are Unionist and been listening to Leo bash your ear on 'Brexit' this past few days.

Many Moons

Add in the the ringing endorsement yesterday of Leo's 'Brexiteer'-bashing from Gerry Adams.

You know something? These people don't know how much they don't know.

Leo -- or his speech writer(s) or advisors -- have missed the bigger point going up to Belfast today, Friday.

Michael Collins pointed out many moons ago that the 'path to freedom' included an ability to TOLERATE difference.

How much tolerance is there in the South for those who support 'Brexit,' huh?

Supplementary question: How much tolerance has Leo shown in his short time as boss for those in the south whose views are different, diverse, from HIS standpoints.

To quote a question about substance, posed once by recently deceased Fine Gael stalwart Austin Deasy of Waterford: 'Where's the beef?' Show us the evidence.

Hate to be the bringer of bad news but Leo has been greatly engaged in a dialogue of the deaf since he became boss. His team hear his message.

Early Risers

His disdain seems to include too many people and interests in Ireland, north and south.

It started with his use in the south of that noxious PR image of representing the 'early risers.' Tolerance? Difference? Diversity?

Also it includes that bashing of the 'Brexiteers' up north last week. Tolerance? Difference? Diversity?

We have already written here about the Blueshirts playing the green card. See link below.

Within the Fine Gael wigwam they are sending out a not-so-subtle signal from Dublin.

Namely, you people up north will end up in a United Ireland if you persist with 'Brexit.'

Better Chance

Gerry Adams is not clever enough to know that Fine Gael is out the back of the wigwam, working on having the same smoke signals blow different Down Here. 

Maybe he is clever and sees that the threat (yes, threat) of a United Ireland -- and its costs etc -- will be waved across our cities in the next general election.

Adams knows -- or should know -- that the Big Stick of a 'United Ireland' will be used to bludgeon his party, whoever leads it, at the next Dail election.

United Ireland? In peacetime it is hard to recall when we were so divided, so polarised, (a) south to north and (b) within the south itself. 

Just now, there is a better chance of Neymar bypassing Paris this weekend and heading to Sligo to watch the Bit o' Red.