Updated: 09/08/17 : 04:34:39
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'Recession over' claim by Goodbody Stockbrokers disputed by think tank

Ireland has exited its lost decade of recession according to Goodbody Stockbrokers but advocacy groups are warning that deprivation levels remain high for many.

In a report Goodbody pointed to double-digit construction growth and continued consumer spending as driving Irelandís core domestic demand.

But the think tank, TASC, say some people are being left behind and that there is a layer of people at the bottom of society whose living conditions are not improving.

TASC Director James Wickham also pointed to the lack of housing as an issue.

"Coventional indicators of inequality are mostly falling ... but those measures donít take into account the rising costs of food and crucially, of course, housing. Five years ago there was no jobs and lots of housing and now it it is the other way round.

Seamus Boland from Irish Rural Link also suggested many areas and people are still lagging behind.

"Yes jobs are being created in the regions but they are very much at lower pay levels."