Updated: 11/08/17 : 07:16:32
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Is Sligo Church to close .... or not?

The growing call by parishioners to petition for the retention of the Church at Nazerath House may be facing a dilemma.

The impending closure of the Church, pictured, so often used for funerals, was heralded by this week's Sligo Champion with its front page declaration 'Church To Shut Down'.

The newspaper, published on Tuesday, continued to state that the lands are owned by the Sisters of Nazerath but leased by the HSE.

It further stated that the regional CEO of the Order Mr John O'Mahony told of his surprise at the plan to close the church, "It's news to me" he said.

The weekly paper quoted a traffic report compiled by Consulting Engineers Roughan & O'Donavan as saying "The church facilitates funeral services. We believe that the medium term plan is for the church services to cease with the building to be deconcentrated."

                          This week's front page of the Sligo Champion

However the Sligo Weekender in an online report yesterday, Thursday, headlined, 'HSE has no plan to close Nazerath House church'

The online article said the HSE was responding to a report in another local newspaper this week that the church was to be shut down as part of a major redevelopment of the old Nazareth House as a primary care centre.

The Sligo Weekender report also quoted John O’Mahoney, regional CEO of the the Sisters of Nazareth saying the nuns weren’t aware of any plan to close the church. He said they had no plan to close it down or deconsecrate it, adding that the Sisters would not want it closed.

Asked by the newspaper if the previous report was correct, a HSE spokesperson said, “The HSE confirms that planning permission recently granted for Nazareth House was made for areas within the lease agreement between the HSE and Sisters of Nazareth which does not include the church.

“Any decisions with regard to the Church at Nazareth is solely a decision for the Sisters of Nazareth.

“Reference in a report regarding traffic management was an assumption by the Consultant only as the parking was to cater for all of the campus.”

                                             Yesterday's Sligo Weekender online report

So the question remains, is the church closing...or not?