Updated: 21/08/17 : 09:13:52
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Tick tock! Dedicated Volunteer Clock to track volunteer hours in Sligo

The hours can add up with volunteering but sometimes organisations lose track of just how much time people have given to any given cause.

Now, as part of Sligo’s designation as European Volunteering Capital in 2017, Sligo Volunteer Centre is on a mission to highlight the impact volunteering contributes to our wellbeing and society, by counting up as many volunteer hours as possible in the county.  

A new digital Volunteer Clock has been launched on the EVC Sligo 2017 website (www.evcsligo.eu) and the Volunteer Centre wants voluntary organisations and volunteers to calculate their hours.

This can be done monthly, and can also be estimated and submitted for the year so far, giving organisations a real idea of how much volunteering they do.

Explaining the idea behind the clock, Ciara Herity of Sligo Volunteer Centre said: “I think people will be surprised at how much voluntary activity happens over the year. We appeal to people to log on and include their volunteering on the clock.

"We are delighted to give the people of Sligo an opportunity to log their volunteer hours onto the EVC Clock.

“Aarhus in Denmark are taking over the title in 2018, and as part of Sligo’s legacy, we hope to gift them the concept of the Volunteer Clock."

Ian Brannigan of the Western Development Commission which is supporting the clock, said: "Volunteering is something that is of immense value to our communities and whose value is recognised more and more by leading edge businesses. As such the Western Development Commission is proud to support the Sligo volunteer team through EVC 2017.

“One way of continuing to showcase the importance and engagement with the sector is captured in the progress of the EVC Sligo Volunteer Clock which represents a real symbol of how the year is embedding volunteerism in the public consciousness."

Further information on EVC Sligo 2017 and the new volunteer clock can be found by visiting www.evcsligo.eu