Updated: 25/08/17 : 09:38:22
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Public service card mandatory for claiming Govt money

The Social Protection Minister has said the new public services card is not compulsory but it is mandatory if you want to claim money from the government.

There has been some confusion over whether you need the card after a woman in her 70s was refused her pension because she did not want to sign up for one.

At the moment, it is not required by law but government departments can ask that you produce it in order to avail of their services.

Minister Regina Doherty has explained why her department requires claimants to have the card.

"Because of the high value of the public service and department for social protection, we give out over 20,000,000,000 every year," she said.

"We believe and it actually wasn't brought in by this government, the legislation was brought in in 2005, we believe it's not too much to ask people to authenticate who you are so we can give you a fast and efficient public service to make sure you can get what you're entitled to."

The new credit card size public services card (sample)