Updated: 30/08/17 : 07:03:53
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Rent review cases up by 160%

The Residential Tenancies Board has seen a 160% increase in the number of cases being taken by tenants in relation to rent, since the introduction of the 4% cap in rent pressure zones last year.

RTÉ reports that according to the RTB's annual report, renting is now the dominant housing tenure in many urban areas.

Since the introduction of Rent Pressure Zones in December 2016, the number of calls to the Residential Tenancies Board has increased from 600 to 1,000 per day.

According to the State body's annual report more than half of all tenancies across the country are now covered by Rent Pressure Zones, and a 4% rent cap applies.

It has resulted in an increase in dispute applications by tenants about rent reviews with around 350 cases coming before the board, 75% of which were found in favour of tenants.

The RTB is encouraging existing or new tenants who are faced with increases above the rent cap to contact them.

It says that even if a tenant has agreed to a rent and signed a tenancy agreement, they are still protected under the law.