Updated: 30/08/17 : 11:51:41
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Blue Star Programme registration open for Sligo primary schools

The Blue Star Programme is an education initiative for primary schools across Ireland.  The idea of the Programme is to foster better understanding and knowledge of Europe and how the EU affects the lives of citizens among Irish primary pupils through classroom projects and activities.

Since the first year of the Programme in 2011-2012, Sligo has had 8 primary schools participate and the Blue Star Programme is eager to see that number grow and grow. 

Since then, the Blue Star Programme has had nearly 750 primary schools in total across the country participate, with every county represented.

Primary schools pupils of all ages are challenged to get creative and think about Europe by carrying out projects in relation to four key elements: the History, Geography, Culture and Creativity, and Institutions of the EU.  The wider school community are also encouraged to get involved and contribute to the Programme. 

Above all, the Blue Star Programme is designed to be as curriculum-friendly as possible for teachers so it can fit in with lesson plans already in place.

What is Involved?

Primary schools interested in taking part in the Blue Star Programme 2017-2018 can register here now before Friday 13 October!

Participating schools will then be asked to submit a short Action Plan to the Blue Star Programme National Coordinator (which has been European Movement Ireland since 2011), outlining the goals they hope to achieve and how they plan to fulfil the Programme requirements. 

At the end of the year, schools are required to submit a Final Report outlining how each of the key elements were explored.  Schools are also encouraged to host an event for Europe Day on 9 May such as an art exhibition, parade or food fair.

Each school’s submission is assessed by the National Coordinator.  All schools that successfully complete the Blue Star Programme are awarded Certificates of Achievement signed by the Minister of State for European Affairs and the Executive Director of European Movement Ireland.