Updated: 08/09/17 : 04:53:55
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'Repeal the 8th' over the Electric Picnic weekend (letter)

A Chara,

I would like to personally thank everyone who showed support for Repeal over the Electric Picnic weekend! 

I myself volunteered with more than 20 others on behalf of Amnesty International and we received over 11,000 signatures (final count) in support of the 'It's Time. Repeal the 8th" campaign!'

Even outside of volunteering hours, there was a very strong presence of Pro-Choice people. 

This was particularly evident at the Amnesty Hour event held in the Leviathon on Saturday, with Colm O'Gorman, Roisin Ingle, Tara Flynn and Lynn Ruane, at which supporters filled the tent to the brim!

If anything, this weekend truly showed the demand for a referendum to Repeal the 8th Amendment, and to introduce Human Rights compliant legislation to allow women to have an abortion for any reason they may need, as early as possible and as late as necessary, in their own country.

Is mise le meas,
Christina Challis,

Cornageeha, Sligo