Updated: 25/09/17 : 14:27:55
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British PM confirms no hard Irish/UK border post Brexit

Brexit and getting the power-sharing Assembly back in action at Stormont dominated talks as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and British Prime Minister Theresa May met at Downing Street today.

Mr Varadkar is the first EU leader to visit the PM since her keynote address in Florence last week in which she set out her hopes for a post-Brexit relationship with Brussels.

Mrs May said: "There are some key issues for us at the moment. I'm sure we'll be discussing the issue of how we can ensure the devolved administration is restored in Northern Ireland.

"And also, of course, the particular issues around Brexit. I think that with positive working together we will find a solution that delivers what we both want, which is no return to a hard border, no return to the borders of the past."

Mr Varadkar said the two leaders were in a "shared space" on trying to get the Northern Ireland Executive up and running again.

He said Dublin wanted to make sure that the close relationship built up between the two countries in recent years is maintained after Brexit, as well as the Common Travel Area.

Mr Varadkar said he hoped to keep free trade between the two countries "because we share the view that free trade makes everyone better off".