Updated: 27/09/17 : 06:53:30
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Call for Irish website which rates escorts to be banned

The Department for Justice is being asked to ban a website that rates escorts.

Escort Ireland allows users review the women they have rented through the site.

The website contains dozens of reviews such as "knows how to treat a man" and "performed professionally".

Over 6,000 people have signed a petition asking Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and his Junior Minister David Stanton to take the site offline and ban other ones like it.

"We've long been familiar with the activities of Escort Ireland and of the review system, but I think it's great just to get it out there in the public so people can see this for what it really is in terms of some of the behaviour of sex buyers and the way in which they view the women they're buying essentially as products, essentially as pieces of meat and the really dehumanising way that they are taling about these women," said Ruth Breslin from Ruhama.