Updated: 27/09/17 : 07:13:21
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Call to make emigrants return to Ireland easier

The government has been urged to make it easier for Irish emigrants to return home.

The latest figures show 400 emigrants are moving back each week but schools, renting houses and getting a bank account are amongst the most stubborn barriers.

The Chicago-based Irish Senator Billy Lawless says a one-stop shop for these issues would bring talent back quicker.

"It's fantastic to see so many returning home, but they have to go through an awful lot of hoops and we really have to make it simple for them," he said.

"I think they're very small things; car insurance, driver's licence, open bank accounts. They have enough stress as it is."

The latest move to entice nurses back to Ireland was a failure partially due to the unrealistic length of time to be re-registered here, up to nine months.

Also the cash bonus offered was taxed which the nurses were aware of in advance.