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Final bid fails to stop supermarket at Finisklin

By Eugene McGloin

THE FINAL go-ahead has been given for a new Lidl supermarket on the west side of Sligo.

The new supermarket in Finisklin will be ''mainly single storey'' and have over 2,300 square metres of floor space.

However, the actual sales area can be no more than 1,620 square metres, developers have been informed.

Tesco Ireland were among objectors named by the developer. 

Sligo County Council stats showed the new store will be closer to the town centre than stores such as the existing Lidl outlet, Aldi or even Dunnes Store.

Lidl publicly confirmed earlier this year it is behind the proposed development. 

Its existing store, which is on the site of the old Sligo Spinning Factory, would be unaffected, it said.

Japanese Knotweed

But the new Lidl store at Finisklin cannot open until it has first renovated an old mill and built a new town square and public space nearby.

The mill, which will include a cafe and office, was not featured in the original planning proposal.

The supermarket developers must now also agree plans with Sligo County Council for the control of Japanese Knotweed, an invasive species, on its site.

Neighbours were consulted, say the developers, and ''generally welcomed proposals to rejuvenate a derelict site.''

The developers told Pleanala: ''Managing the Knotweed infestation would be a significant benefit by itself.''

Over Concentration

Sligo County Council approved the planned new supermarket earlier this year but attached 20 conditions.

The statutory appeals agency, Bord Pleanala, upheld that decision when it discussed the issue on September 13th last.

The details of Pleanala's decision were published online last night, Wednesday. See link below.

Both planning processes heard the new development would ''help alleviate....the over concentration'' of convenience shops on the east side of town.

Parking Spaces

The appeal to Pleanala had been taken by Cathal McGuinness.

Tesco Ireland was also named by the developer as an objector.

The Lidl site is bounded by Lyons Terrace, Finisklin Road and Union Place.

Developers have said 155 car parking spaces will be provided with the new freestanding store.

But this number of new spaces was queried in submissions to Sligo County Council and Pleanala.

Pleanala Inspector Stephen J O'Sullivan recommended permission, with conditions, after he visited the site during summer. 

Objectors could still seek leave for judicial review in the High Court of the recent Pleanala decision.

The developers of the new Lidl supermarket are Church Road Development Limited, based in Tallaght, Co Dublin.

Link: http://www.pleanala.ie/documents/reports/248/R248255.pdf