Updated: 28/09/17 : 05:43:12
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Lucky Sligo man picks up Ä200k from Lotto

A Lotto player from Co.Sligo collected Ä200,000 on a scratch card yesterday.

The Sligo man, in his 20s, won it on an All Cash Spectacular scratch card he bought in the SuperValu store on Lord Edward Street, in Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

The local man, wishing to remain anonymous, knew exactly what he was going to do with his windfall - starting with a sun holiday with his brother ,who travelled down to Dublin with him, and friends.

At Lotto HQ he said: "Iím leaving here now to go to the bank, then weíre heading straight to the travel agents and going on holiday as soon as possible. It will be the two of us and a couple of close friends only."

He also revealed that he had planned to buy a brand new car after his sunshine trip was over.


Meanwhile a new millionaire also picked up her cheque yesterday.

She said: "I havenít told a soul about my win yet. I live at home with my mother and itís been torture keeping the secret from her but I wanted to be sure I was a winner first.

"Iím going to go home and sit her down with a cup of tea and tell her my news calmly to make sure she doesnít have a heart attack."

She also discussed her plans for the prize money.

She said: "The only thing I need is a holiday to get me away from this godforsaken weather.

"With the rain beating down outside itís a wonderful day to become a millionaire."

The new millionaire bought her winning Normal Play ticket on the day of the draw at the Spar Store at the Triangle in Ranelagh, Dublin 6.