Updated: 03/10/17 : 07:44:17
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World :: General strike to bring Catalonia to standstill

A general strike threatens to bring large areas of Catalonia to a standstill, following the Spanish region's disputed referendum.

The strike was called by Catalan trade unions and associations due to "the grave violation of rights and freedoms" seen during Sunday's ballot.

Madrid had deemed the referendum illegal. However, more than 2.2m people reportedly voted in spite of this.

But hundreds were hurt as Spanish police tried to stop it going ahead.

Some of the officers ordered to prevent people casting their vote were seen firing rubber bullets, storming into polling stations and pulling women by their hair.

Thirty-three police officers were injured on Sunday, Catalan medical officials said.

Tuesday's strike, a reaction to the violence, will see public transport, schools and clinics in Catalonia closed for the day.

Barcelona's famous football team is also expected to go on strike, although it is not due to play a match, as are the city's public universities and contemporary art museum.