Updated: 05/10/17 : 12:42:30
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Sexual assaults becoming more violent

Sexual assaults are becoming more violent, according to the Chair of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

They recorded more than 13,000 contacts from people last year, with a 24% increase in calls received.

Ann Marie Gill from the DRCC says social media has an increasing influence on sexual violence.

She said: "We are basing our responses to sexual violence on our clients' stories that they present to us, what their experience has been, and it is becoming more violent.

"We are also aware that social media is having a huge influence on sexual violence."

Noeleen Blackwell says there has been a striking increase in the number of callers and clients who had experienced recent rape and sexual assault.

She said: "Our numbers who are disclosing recent rape are up in 2016. Those are people who have been raped within the past six months and are coming to us for help at the early stages after it.

"We do appreciate it when people can do that, but we also appreciate a lot that people sometimes cannot talk about things for many, many years."