Updated: 12/10/17 : 06:25:27
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20s Plenty for Us in Sligo

The AILG (Association of Irish Local Government) is holding its autumn seminar in Sligo which gets underway today and continues tomorrow Friday at the Sligo Park Hotel. Full details below.

One of the speakers will be Rod king MBE founder of the UK organisation 20s Plenty for Us. 

This is, a National voluntary organisation supporting communities who want lower speeds for residential streets. 

The idea is that the lower speed, 20 mph in UK equivalent to 30 kph in Ireland would be a default limit because it makes residential areas quieter, safer and more pleasant for all but especially for children and the elderly and it facilitates active travel, ie walking and cycling.

Rod King has recently spoken at the RSA annual Road Safety Week.  

His visit here coincides with Sligo County Council's introduction of  a 30 kph speed limit in 170 estates in County Sligo in the New Year .

Sligo Cycling Campaign's interest in the topic arises from the link between lower speed limits and active travel.

Full brochure of autumn seminar in Sligo HERE