Updated: 25/10/17 : 07:07:05
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Irish Water faces continued proceedings from EPA over raw sewage

The EPA says it's continuing to bring proceedings against Irish Water for failing to make the necessary improvements to waste treatment plants.

A new report shows that raw sewage is being released at 44 locations around the country.

Around 50 plants need improvement works but many won't be completed until 2021.

Darragh Page from the EPA says it is not good enough.

"What we have done is we have initiated a number of prosecutions against Irish Water. We have another five this year so far," said Mr Page.

"We initiate our prosecutions where we are concerned. There are the extreme cases that we are concerned there just isn't adequate progress.

"So in some of the cases where there isn't adequate treatment where there is raw sewage being discharged or in other cases where the treatment plant is there but is not being run properly and has caused pollution to the environment."

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