Updated: 26/10/17 : 14:50:40
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Taoiseach calls for 'tracker mortgage crime' to be reported to gardaí

The Taoiseach has said if anyone believes a crime has been committed over the tracker scandal they have an obligation to report it to the Gardai.

Leo Varadkar was reacting to a question about his coalition partner, The Independent Alliance, issuing a statement through the Government Press office calling for criminal action against the banks.

Mr Varadkar would not say if there is a coalition disagreement but said he cannot personally rule that a crime has taken place and he does not have the power to send in the Gardai.

"If people believe a crime is being committed, if they have evidence a crime is being committed then they should report that to the gardaí," he said.

"Part of the investigation and the probe that the Central Bank is carrying out will examine as to whether there was collusion or fraud. There's a difference between breach of contract and criminal fraud.

"There is a difference in our law between civil matters and criminal matters," he added.