Updated: 31/10/17 : 06:21:02
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Security analyst says introduction of PSC needs to be open and transparent

There is growing concern over new state ID cards and the amount of personal data they will contain.

It is thought the Public Services Card could be required for many services including for tax purposes and voting.

Originally planned for accessing social welfare benefit, proposals have been expanded to make it a requirement to apply for passports and driving licences next year.

Security analyst and academic Dr Tom Clonan says the government needs to explain why they are necessary.

"They need to be open and transparent as to why they're doing it and they're not doing that," he said.

"They're spending a lot of money on communications, there's €5m I think being spent on the Strategic Communications Unit.

"This government has spent €170m since it came into office on public relations and communication services. I imagine with all of that money they'd be able to explain why this thing is mandatory and at least we would have the comfort of knowing."