Updated: 31/10/17 : 07:46:57
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Look out for elderly this Halloween appeal

People are being reminded to check in on our elderly relatives and neighbours this evening.

Halloween can be particularly difficult for older people due to loud noises and constant callers.

The charity Alone says parents should talk to their children about which houses to trick or treat at.

CEO Sean Moynihan says it's all about being respectful.

"For some older people Halloween is a great time of joy," said Mr Moynihan

"For others maybe the changing of the season, the shortening of the days, add in noise add in groups even if they are good humoured, it can be something where people get a fright or a scare so to speak, and ultimately feel left out."

Meanwhile, parents are being warned that bonfires and fireworks can lead to serious breathing difficulties for children with asthma.

The CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland, Averil Power, says smoke and fumes can trigger the condition.

"This time of year can be particularly dangers for children with asthma," Ms Power said.

"Smoke and fumes from bonfires release all kinds of noxious chemicals into the air. You have tyres and all kinds of debris being pilled onto bonfires which are really bad for your health.

"That's why we're urging parents to be careful with their children's asthma, to keep them away from bonfires and smoke if possible and especially to make sure they carry their emergency reliever inhaler "

Pet owners can also help their furry friends this evening by turning up the TV to drown out loud noises.

People are being advised to keep pets indoors and watch that they do not escape when greeting trick or treaters.

Dogs Trust has a list of tips on its website to help animals have a happy Halloween.

Communications Manager Ciara Byrne says there are a couple of simple things we can do.

"We suggest walking your dog before it gets dark just to avoid fireworks and flashing lights and things like that," said Ms Byrne.

"We'd also advise you to feed your dog before the fireworks begin because a good stodgy meal can help them feel more calm and relaxed during the evening time.

"Another one is to provide a safe hiding place for your dog indoors."