Updated: 01/11/17 : 05:13:46
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Sligo trip by Prince Charles, court hears bomb plan

AN IRA bomb attack proposed during the 2015 Irish visit of Britain’s Prince Charles led to a second court conviction yesterday, Tuesday.

The plan was foiled by undercover Gardai who bugged a meeting of two Real IRA dissidents in a pub near Dublin Airport.

During his May 2015 Irish visit Prince Charles visited Sligo Town, Drumcliffe, Lissasell and Mullaghmore.

Veritable Arsenal

A “veritable arsenal of weapons and explosives” was found at the home of one dissident, a judge in the Special Criminal Court said yesterday.

Seamus McGrane (63), Dromiskin, Louth was yesterday found guilty of three charges.

He was found guilty of (a) directing the activities of a terrorist organization, (b) trying to organize the bomb attack, (c) IRA membership.

The defendant had pleaded not guilty to all the charges relating to the 2015 visit.

However, evidence emerged of several meetings led by McGrane in the Coachmans Inn which discusses explosives and “a target of military significance.”

               Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visit Mullaghmore, Co Sligo in 2015

Garda Bugs

The person he met was Donal O Coisdealbha, who last year got a five and a half years sentence re the same plot.

The latest trial heard Gardai had installed listening devices in the pub.

McGrane, convicted yesterday, was recorded discussing strategy and experiments with explosives and his involvement training people in the Real IRA.

Motorbike Man

The bugged conversations included:-

*** McGrane instructed O Cosidealbha “to reactivate the science graduate” to get advice on explosives;

*** Defendant also told him to contact “motorbike man” to collect the explosives;

*** He was also told to clean out the cylinder and return the bike, not dispose of it;

*** McGrane also told his colleague the target was to have “military significance;”

*** He referred in the taped conversation to someone “coming on the 19th.”

That was the date on which Prince Charles arrived in Ireland in May 2015.

Lands linked to McGrane in Wexford and Louth were later searched by Gardai.

“A veritable arsenal of weapons and explosives” were found in the search, said the judge yesterday.

Now, McGrane will be sentenced next month following yesterday’s series of convictions.