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Irish Water wins appeal on plant in Collooney

By Eugene McGloin

NOISE LEVELS and odour were highlighted when Irish Water wanted to replace the forty years old waste water treatment plant in Collooney.

Sligo County Council granted permission earlier this year but attached seven conditions.

Local home owner Stephen French lives just seven metres from the site and took that decision to Bord Pleanala.

Irish Water, he noted, had failed to outline “the impact of the intensification” of use of the site. 

A summary of his concerns were include in the report of Pleanala Inspector Paul Caprani. See below.

But the statutory planning appeals agency has upheld the original decision.

Overloaded, Inefficient

Irish Water can now proceed to double the capacity of its Collooney waste water treatment.

The new plant at Union Road would replace the mid 1970s treatment facility built by Sligo County Council.

Irish Water said the current treatment plant is overloaded and inefficient.

Pleanala’s own Inspector flagged that overload at 1,100.

Inland Fisheries Ireland supports a new plant; it “should improve” water quality in the Owenmore River, said its submission.

Details of the Pleanala decision were published online last night, Thursday.

Visited Twice

Pleanala Inspector Paul Caprani visited the Collooney site twice in August, including an evaluation of any current odour issues.

His 30 page report went to the Board of Bord Pleanala and recommended permission be granted.

JB Barry, Consulting Engineers for Irish Water, told the Inspector that odour emissions would be “60% less” with the proposed new plant.

Sligo County Council said sound levels would be forty decibels.

Increased Insects

 But the home owner still had concerns and made further submissions to Pleanala.

An uncovered new tank would be closer to his property than the existing one, he said.

This would, he told the appeal, give rise to odours “and increase insects in the area.”

It emerged in the Inspector’s report that there are NO Irish national guidelines on odour and the standards used here are UK ones.

Road Noise

In assessing potential new noise impacts, the inspector noted the home owner making the appeal lived eighty metres from the N4 Sligo to Dublin road.

High speeds on the route are “therefore give rise to significant noise generation,” he noted.

Link: http://www.pleanala.ie/casenum/248659.htm