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Guest Editorial - White Collar Crime Initiative

Guest Editorial - White Collar Crime Initiative
By Seamus Maye

What we have learned over the past several decades it that there is a culture, an ethos of protecting white collar criminals in Ireland.

Irish Regulators are designed not to work but rather, to give an illusion of regulation, particularly where regulators are a requirement of EU Law.

Regulators are peopled by safe pairs of hands to ensure that rogue corporations are protected at every turn.

We have very considerable files in relation to the conduct of regulators (including Gardaí) which clearly demonstrate this culture.

The culture, which amounts to a white collar criminal protection racket, runs through Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour in equal measure.

All the new laws in the world will make no difference if we don’t change our culture.

Seamus F. Maye
International Small Business Alliance (ISBA)
Co. Sligo