Updated: 03/11/17 : 06:09:19
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Contribution of young carers not recognised - Harkin

The statistics for carers in Ireland released today Thursday, November 2nd by the CSO were exceptional in that, for the first time, they identified 3,800 carers aged 14 and under.

Speaking at a two day meeting of young carers at the Lilliput Adventure Centre, Mullingar, Independent MEP Marian Harkin said that between young and adult carers they represented 6.6 million hours of unpaid work each year, an increase of 5.1% since the 2011 census.

“Carers like you are the glue which helps to hold society together but this has not been recognised by successive governments for the huge contribution you make and the enormous financial saving for the state you represent”, the Sligo based MEP told the meeting of young carers.

"The recent budget was another opportunity missed by the government to re-dress the lack of support for carers and continued refusal to provide recognition of the saving for the state that their work represented," stated Marian Harkin.