Updated: 03/11/17 : 07:35:15
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Call for Irish Water refunds to be donated to homeless crisis

People are being urged to donate their refunds from Irish Water to tackle the homeless crisis.

€173m will be handed back to almost one million customers over the coming months.

Simon Community, Focus Ireland and Peter McVerry Trust have teamed up to launch a new campaign encouraging those that can afford to donate, to do so.

"We're hoping that Irish people when they see the level of the refund, that it may be not as big as they expected, that they would give us the benefit of that generosity so we can put it towards the most deserving and most important cause in our country," Chair of the Refund Project Kieran Mulvey said.

There are more than 8,000 people in Ireland who are homeless, more than 3,000 of which are children.

Speaking jointly the three homeless charities said: “For many, including those struggling to keep a roof over their heads, the refund of water charges will help making ends meet.

"For others who are more fortunate it will be a welcome windfall and it is to those that we will direct this appeal. The issue of homelessness is very complex, but everybody has a role to play – government, charities and society."