Updated: 07/11/17 : 06:19:13
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Independent Alliance head for N Korea

Leo was visiting in L.A.
When the I.A. says
Let’s go visit N. K.
We can be independent peace-makers
As we are Independent cabinet makers!
Simon nearly choked on his artichokes
Spluttering out “I’m the Foreign Minister
You trio cannot go to N.Korea!”
Too late says Finian, the rainbow is
Aligned for John, Shane and I.
For when we come back with a nuclear treaty
Michael D will give us a medal for meddling
In international affairs.
Yer wrong says Shane,
It’ll be the Nobel Peace Prize we receive!
“Bunch of gobshites” roared Ring from Westport
Without even using a phone!
While bearded Gerry fumed
“Yer I.A party will be infiltrated by the CIA,
 the IRA, the Special Branch: even MI5.
Yez will fail! But, please take me
I am an experienced peace maker.
For today, a trip to North Korea,
Might be easier than a trip north of here!"

Declan J Foley

Berwick, Australia